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Welcome to LaptopEx, the best place in Bangalore to buy used laptops. We’re proud to offer high-quality refurbished laptops from the commercial series that come from reliable local channel partners and suppliers. Our unique selling points show how committed we are to quality: a large 3-year warranty gives customers peace of mind, and our 20-day replacement policy makes sure they are happy. Our “Pay After Delivery” choice makes shopping easy, and you can feel good about it. Also, our large network of service centers all over India means that you can get full help no matter where you are. Come work with us as a channel partner and help us bring stable, high-quality laptops to every part of Bangalore. Check out how great LaptopEx is today!

Best Refurbished Laptop Brands In Bangalore

LaptopEx can help you find the best names for second hand laptop in Bangalore. We are experts at selling high-quality used Dell, Lenovo, and HP laptops that have been carefully checked out and fixed up to work at their best. Our wide selection of commercial-series laptops can meet all of your working needs, whether you’re a student, a worker, or a business owner. You can trust that well-known names like Dell, Lenovo, and HP will last, and you can get them all at low prices on LaptopEx. Check out our selection of refurbished laptops to find the best of both worlds: great value and high quality. Use LaptopEx to step up your tech game and get better results without spending a lot of money.

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Dell Refurbished Laptops

When it comes to reliability, performance, and longevity, refurbished Dell laptops are the best, which is why LaptopEx focuses on selling them in Bangalore. Dell's high-quality construction, cutting-edge technology, and stylish styles ensure that our customers have a smooth computing experience. With features like powerful processors and bright screens, Dell refurbished laptops are the best choice for both workers and students.

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HP Refurbished Laptops

LaptopEx focuses on selling HP refurbished laptops in Bangalore because they are very reliable, work well, and have new features. A smooth working experience is guaranteed by HP laptops' solid build quality, cutting-edge technology, and sleek designs. High-performance processors, bright screens, and a wide range of functions make HP laptops the best choice for workers and students who want style and dependability.


Lenovo Refurbished Laptops

At LaptopEx, we focus on selling Lenovo used laptops in Bangalore because they're super reliable and perform really well. Lenovo laptops are built strong and have cool features that make them easy to use. They look sleek and stylish too! Whether you're a student or a professional, Lenovo laptops are perfect for getting stuff done without any worries. So, check out our Lenovo refurbished laptops at LaptopEx today!


Top Trending Second Hand Laptops In Bangalore

LaptopEx can help you find the trendiest 2nd hand laptop in Bangalore. As an authorized dealer for Dell, Lenovo, and HP laptops, we have carefully chosen a range of secondhand business laptops that are popular with both tech fans and businesspeople. Our collection of laptops includes Dell laptops with their sleek looks and strong performance, Lenovo laptops with their new features and long-lasting build, and HP laptops that are reliable and flexible. LaptopEx can help you get the latest technology and find the best deals on popular refurbished laptops that are both good quality and affordable.

Top Deals On Refurbished & Second Hand Laptop in Bangalore

Check out our unmatchable offers on refurbished and second-hand laptop deals Bangalore. By specializing in well-known brands alone like Dell, Lenovo and HP, we have become the number one distributor of quality business-series laptops at great prices. Whether you are a student, a working professional, or an entrepreneur, our hand-picked selections are made to meet any of your computing needs. Rigorous refurbishment procedures and meticulous quality inspections are the foundation of the reliability of laptops. These assure the longevity and performance of each laptop. We invite you to explore our incredible choice of refurbished and second hand laptop, while enjoying the opportunity to take advantage of our tailored deals and discounts. Get the latest technology that suits your budget from LaptopEx, today.

3 Year Warranty

3 Year Warranty

Imported Business Laptop

Imported Business Laptop

20 Days Replacement

20 Days Replacement

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Kunal Tyagi
kunal tyagi
Purchased laptop 6 months back, reasonable price. No issue face till now. Thank you!
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
I have buy the laptop from laptopex they have very good laptop It's in new condition Specially thanks to sumit for provide this laptop there team is very supportive
Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh
I bought Lenovo ThinkPad 480 and it is working fine and in excellent condition. Also they help me to resolve issue if any I face during there warranty period.
Harshit Singh [It]
Harshit Singh [IT]
Good quality of laptop and excellence service, smoothly working not any issues and also team members play important role in a service. Problem resolving with satisfaction.
Ajay Studies
ajay studies
Excellent services and happy to see that my issue of getting the Bluetooth got resolved in a matter of 5 minutes. Proud of you guys !!.
Harshit Singh
Harshit Singh
I purchased laptop, it's a good product and excellence service. Laptop performance well-built design, amazing battery life, and quality display.
Dharamveer Singh
Dharamveer Singh
Good quality of service provided by them.
Lalita Kashyap
Lalita Kashyap
I bought my first laptop.I am happy to say that I had a very good experiance

Our Refurbished Laptops Channel Partners In India

LaptopEx has over 90 partners and sellers all over India who are part of our network of refurbished laptops channel partners. We’re committed to giving our customers the best service and goods, which is why we’re always looking for new local vendors in Bangalore and other cities across the country. We can offer a wide range of used laptops from the commercial series thanks to these partnerships, which help us keep our high standards for speed and dependability. We’re able to reach more customers and give them access to high-quality laptops at lower prices by working with proven providers. Join us at LaptopEx as we try to change the way people buy 2nd hand laptop in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I ensure the quality of the laptops?

At LaptopEx, we provide transparent information about our refurbished laptops, and all laptops pass through multiple tests before reaching you. We also share original videos and pictures to help you make an informed decision. After purchase, we provide a 20-day replacement option.

2. What is the estimated delivery time for laptops in Bangalore?

We ensure laptops are delivered within at least three working days, including Bangalore.

3. What are the delivery charges for laptops in Bangalore?

LaptopEx offers a free-of-cost home delivery service to all its customers anywhere in India. We ask our customers to book a booking amount of INR 200 as a token amount to book the selected cheapest laptop online. Once confirmed, our technician will reach your address to deliver your product, and only if you are satisfied with the laptop can you request the remaining money for your purchase.

4. What is the estimated delivery time for laptops in Bangalore?

We ensure laptops are delivered within at least three working days, including Bangalore.

5. Can I receive service for my laptop in other cities?

We have channel partners throughout India, including Bangalore, for your refurbished laptop needs.If you are located outside of Bangalore and are looking for a second-hand laptop, we can provide on-site service through our network of channel partners.

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