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Why LAPTOPEX? Read This Before You Buy a Second Hand Laptop

We value your confidence and quality assurance when it comes to choosing to purchase a used laptop.

3 Year Warranty

We do more than 42 examinations and ensure genuine parts on our laptops to make sure they are of high quality. That's why we provide a comprehensive 3-year on-site warranty throughout India.

20 Days Return

Customer satisfaction is our main priority. If you are not satisfied with your refurbished laptop or services, you can return or replace it within 20 days without any questions asked.

pay after satisfaction policy

We understand your concern regarding your first time buying a second hand computer from us, hence we offer you to test the laptop at your place first and make the payment only when you are satisfied. We aim to enhance your buying experience.

90+ Channel Partners in India

We work with over 90 plus channel partners across India. We can come to help you at any location in India. Our goal is to help you focus on your work by providing easy-to-use services.

Looking For Refurbished Laptops For Your Business?

  • 7 Days Free Trail

    LaptopEx offers a 7-day free trial to try our products and services. You can evaluate performance and choose a laptop that meets your needs before making a purchase.

  • 3-Year Warranty with 30 Days Return and Replacement

    LaptopEx is the only company in the industry that offers a three-year warranty and a thirty-day return policy on our high-quality and refurbished laptops. We provide both quality and service.

  • Work From Home Support

    Do your employees who work from home need help without administrative problems? Do not worry! It's done for you. Our experts keep your remote functionality running smoothly without administrative headaches. Let our pan-India work-from-home support let your team focus on production.

  • Alternate Support

    During the 3 years warranty, LAPTOPEX provides various business support services. If your laptop requires repair at our center, we can provide you with a replacement laptop so that your business can continue. LAPTOPEX ensures that your business runs smoothly, so you can focus on your goals and success.

  • Additional Corporate Discounts.

    Whether you're a small startup or a large company, we offer additional corporate savings on bulk orders of our refurbished laptops. These discounts allow you to save money. Make things simple by scheduling a demonstration with our sales team.

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Our Mission

We focus on quality and service to build client trust. We value and respect customer relationships on LaptopEx. We develop strong customer relationships and understand their needs to provide exceptional products and services. We maintain our interaction with customers after the transaction to support them throughout their journey. Our objective is to meet customers’ expectations and help them succeed.

Second-Hand Laptop - Laptopex

What is the Exact Relation between Refurbished Laptop and Second Hand Laptop?

The best low cost Refurbished Laptops are the best alternative for fresh laptops. There are various reasons when an original laptop product is called a refurbished one. With these scenarios, it will be clearer to define the exact meaning of a Refurbished Laptop that you are looking for, as of now.

At times, the Old Laptop are intended to be sold in bulk order to big MNCs or corporates. So, for some reason, the MNC or the targeted business house may cancel the deal. Then the laptops are returned to the manufacturers, and further are labeled as certified Refurbished Laptops as they get sold to another party as a Second Hand Laptop.

Similarly, due to government policies or any other minor functional issues, the 2nd Hand Laptops are stuck at the export and import houses. There, these Old Laptop are auctioned with numerous importers sitting in front to bid for the same. Then, these importers fix the issues and get the parts replaced like speakers, graphic cards, ICs, etc. Finally, after the laptops are checked thoroughly to be as fresh as a new piece to be sold in the domestic market, they are termed as quality Second Hand Laptop as so-called Refurbished Laptops.

What Do You Usually Get With A High-Performance Used Laptop From Laptopex?

Do you need a reliable second hand laptop but a model that is within the desired set of your range? Then the best low price laptop in the market today would be no less than a certified refurbished laptop.

The laptop offers the best laptop for business and personal use, all our laptops are thoroughly tested devices that come with original OS, and excellent functionality.

Laptopex is your destination for the best jaw-dropping deals on used laptops and old laptops. The collection of our old and used laptops starts from just 15,000 INR with really high specifications that can even handle the most complex and multiple workloads at the same time.

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Frequently Asked Questions


LaptopEx is India’s trusted brand for high-quality refurbished laptops. We have a wide range of refurbished commercial series devices to choose from that has 3-year warranty and 24/7 customer support service. Experience top-notch performance and reliability with LaptopEx,  your one-stop destination for the best-refurbished laptops.

What is the difference between Refurbished laptops and second-hand laptops?

Refurbished and second-hand laptops mostly differ in terms of the laptop’s condition and warranty offered. Refurbished laptops are procured from companies or users and each device is individually tested, repaired, and cleaned and comes with a warranty. Unlike refurbished laptops, second-hand laptops can be any used laptops that are sold by local sellers or on marketplaces like OLX, may not be as well-refurbished and may not have warranties.

Does LAPTOPEX provide reliable laptops?

Yes, only reliable laptops are offered at LaptopEx with a focus on customer satisfaction.  All our laptops come with a 3-year warranty. We have a no advance payment policy, where customers can pay only if they are happy with the laptop upon receiving it. In addition, all of our laptops go through thorough 42+ quality testing and include a 20-day return policy to provide additional assurance.

How does the 20-day return policy work?

The 20-day return policy of LaptopEx is to ensure customer satisfaction.  If not happy with the product quality, you can return it back to us using the 20-day return policy, as long as the warranty seal is intact.

Do you offer corporate discounts for bulk purchases?

Yes, for corporate needs and bulk buying we have different pricing options and discounts. Visit our store today.

What is the process for testing a laptop before purchase?

LaptopEx follows rigorous testing to ensure product quality and client satisfaction.  You can also review and test the laptop upon receipt and pay only if you are pleased with its condition and performance.

How can I contact LAPTOPEX for support?

For support or assistance, contact LaptopEx via our IVR number:

Dial 1 for Support

Dial 2 for Sales Inquiries

Dial 3 for Delivery Assistance. 

We’re here to help you in every possible way throughout your LaptopEx journey.

Can LAPTOPEX assist with remote work setups?

Our support team at LaptopEx is readily available for your assistance 24/7.

How can I avail of the 7-day free trial?

Only registered companies are eligible for this free 7-day trial offer. Call or sign up your company with LaptopEx to take advantage of this unique offer.

Does LaptopEx provide Refurbished Laptops with genuine windows and original parts?

Yes, LaptopEx sells refurbished laptops only with original parts and Windows. As a reputed brand, we prioritize authenticity and ensure that all our laptops are equipped with genuine software and parts.

How Do You procure the laptop?

We procure all our laptops by importing minimum-used models from reputable UK and US companies. And each laptop undergoes two quality checks before refurbishment along with a 42-point inspection before delivery.

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