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At laptopex, we cater to your urgent and immediate system problems. Our programmer will reach to your location and ensures that you face no further hindrance. With quick response and round the clock support, we meet your expectations every single time.



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    Get Unbeatable AMC Services If You Are A Businessman

    Get only the best and free AMC services with the refurbished laptops in noida. This sounds wholly unreal, but it is true. If you are a businessman or someone running his or her business, this offer is then for you.

    As per the AMC contracts, the laptops you buy from Laptopex should only be treated by our IT and computing experts. So, you have to take care of that aspect. Otherwise, our experts will keep a strong follow-up for the regular upgrades, server checkups, repair, and maintenance services on the spot without charging a single penny for a lifetime.

    If you keep an estimate, you will know that your business will save a lot of expenses with the help of the AMC services.

    Our IT experts keep upgrading their IT and computing knowledge as well. They know what kind of virus, malfunction, or other internet security attacks present in your laptops. Within hours, they will solve your issues. Therefore, your workflow will never be messed up again when your refurbished laptops in Noida are under the AMC contracts.

    We Offer 12 Months Warranty With Refurbished Laptops In Noida

    Many refurbished laptop dealers offer a maximum of up to 6 months of warranty. But, Laptopex is ahead of them. We are offering a complete package of 12 months of warranty. Be it for business or personal use; you will get the same warranty.

    Moreover, if you wish, you can afterwards increase the warranty at minimal rates. For that, you will connect with the concerned person on call. This is a scheme that is hardly ever found in any second hand laptop in Noida.

    All we can say is that you can save a large sum of money with the help of these 12 months of warranty with a refurbished laptop. This offer might sound unusual to many, but it is true, and it is here to stay at Laptopex.

    Get The Laptop That Suits Your Industry Needs

    Laptopex does not limit itself. We keep on upgrading and updating the catalogue of the laptops we have in our store. More than that, you can customise these refurbished laptops in noida from our store.

    For that, call Laptopex’s concerned person and know what needs to be done before the final purchase.