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  • No cost AMC support for lifetime.
  • Free On-site Assistance with in 6 hours
  • Instance Remote Support 24*7.
  • Round The Clock Support.
  • Regural Checkup & Visit
  • Qualified Engineers


  • Network And File Share Support.
  • Complete Software Support.
  • Computer Peripheral Support.
  • System, Laptop, Printer Repair
  • Upgrades and Migration
  • Data Recovery, Virus Removel
  • Server Instalation & Management
  • Video Confrencing
  • Ip Telefone, Email Solution
  • Erp & Crm Solution
  • Security Cameras and Office Surveillance Setup

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At laptopex, we cater to your urgent and immediate system problems. Our programmer will reach to your location and ensures that you face no further hindrance. With quick response and round the clock support, we meet your expectations every single time.

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As a certified refurbisher, we help you with ongoing IT and AMC support free for lifetime. Following our aim to serve corporate houses as a backbone, we are always on the toe to provide on the spot solutions.

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Computer AMC Services Provider In Noida

Laptopex is the best service provider in Noida for the AMC services for businessmen and corporate heads.

These computer AMC services are the annual maintenance contracts maintained to keep your systems upgraded and up-to-date. How Laptopex is unique in providing the best computer AMC services in Noida is found below in pointers to note.

We Are A Team Of Certified Specialists For The Latest AMC Services Near You

You must always trust the service provider for the AMC services, which hires and works with only the specialised members. These members must be certified or have better industry experience.

That is why Laptopex is unique in the market. That’s because it is hard to find a computer AMC services in Noida, which only works with such an efficient team. But we have raised the industry standards.

Thus, our primary focus is to satisfy the potential, existing, and new customers in line with a certified backend team. This team knows the nitty-gritty of every type of computer AMC services provided by Laptopex.

Our Computer AMC Services In Noida Are Entirely Free For Business Owners

Talking about cost, we take care of it. The packages for the refurbished computers or laptops are made in such a way that you can quickly grab the latest computer AMC services deals. Then, you won’t be obliged or under the contract to pay anything extra, until and unless stated otherwise.

Moreover, it’s a new opportunity for the new as well as growing businessmen. By partnering with the Laptopex team, you, as a businessman, can save unnecessary expenses. You can easily buy laptops from our store in bulk. With them, the computer AMC services in Noida will be free for a lifetime. But you must ensure that any other third party must not handle the systems under the care and contract of AMC.

We Offer Services That Are Latest And Upgraded

Staying up-to-date is very well necessary for every business, especially amidst the digital era. Whenever you are dealing with the data online, the security and the upgrading factors matter.

In such cases, you can count on Laptopex, the best computer AMC services in Noida to date—as reviewed and lauded by the existing chain of customers.

Moreover, as a businessman, when you keep your systems upgraded and updated, you can tackle and grab marker threats and opportunities at a faster speed. You can even become a market leader. Then, you can also win a better market share this way.

Though for this, your systems must be in working condition always. Your servers must be intact. Your system’s firewall must be protected and updated. All such worries are taken into the umbrella term of computer AMC services in Noida by Laptopex.

Your Computer’s Data Recovery Is Made Easier

Often, it’s stated in the market that “data is the new oil,” but you need to know how to use it profitably for that to be true. So, you must keep your data safe, protected, and secured. That is where Laptopex comes in. Our computer AMC services team will always be there to help those businessmen who need to recover and restore the data. If you are under the Laptopex’s AMC services contract, you won’t have to spend a single rupee extra.

To avail of these computer AMC services in Noida, you can quickly request a scheduled call from the customer executives working for Laptopex. The helpline numbers are given on the website—easy for the customers to find.

We Can Offer Doorstep Services For Your Corporate Employees

The computer AMC services in Noida by Laptopex are also unique because we readily perform doorstep repair and maintenance services for your employees. In case, if the laptop or computer system problem remains unsolved even through remote access, you don’t need to be tensed about it.

We will get it solved within 24-48 hours by going over to your employee’s house in Noida.

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