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Computer AMC Services In Gurgaon

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  • No cost AMC support for lifetime.
  • Free On-site Assistance with in 6 hours
  • Instance Remote Support 24*7.
  • Round The Clock Support.
  • Regural Checkup & Visit
  • Qualified Engineers


  • Network And File Share Support.
  • Complete Software Support.
  • Computer Peripheral Support.
  • System, Laptop, Printer Repair
  • Upgrades and Migration
  • Data Recovery, Virus Removel
  • Server Instalation & Management
  • Video Confrencing
  • Ip Telefone, Email Solution
  • Erp & Crm Solution
  • Security Cameras and Office Surveillance Setup


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At laptopex, we cater to your urgent and immediate system problems. Our programmer will reach to your location and ensures that you face no further hindrance. With quick response and round the clock support, we meet your expectations every single time.

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As a certified refurbisher, we help you with ongoing IT and AMC support free for lifetime. Following our aim to serve corporate houses as a backbone, we are always on the toe to provide on the spot solutions.

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Computer AMC Services Provider in Gurgaon

Laptopex offers amazing AMC services for corporate houses. These computer AMC services in Gurgaon are free for life. For this, the contract has certain features or pieces of advice to follow. Otherwise, the computer AMC services are quite beneficial, the ones offered by Laptopex.

The multiple ongoing features under the AMC services by Laptopex are as stated below:

These services will be free of cost for your business

We are offering the computer AMC services in gurgaon that are nothing but the annual maintenance contract services. These are for the refurbished laptops you buy from us. These services are free of cost. You won’t be liable or obligated to pay any extra amount.

The entire band of computer AMC services in Gurgaon will be under the package you opt for your business from us. You can talk to our concerned executives for the updated information on the computer AMC service packages we provide.

We offer the assistance within 6 hours of your call

We know the extreme value of your time and ours. That is why we have formed the agenda to answer your queries within the 6 hours of the call. This applies to the normal or the average band of issues. These issues can be related to computers or the laptops you have bought from us.

Being a cheap and affordable computer AMC services provider in Gurgaon, we offer these services only for the systems you have bought from our store. So, you have to keep that obligation in mind.

Besides that, we are very well known to solve all your daily laptop or computer related problems as soon as possible.

We believe in the remote access support for the AMC services in Gurgaon

Our experts are masters in remote access. Therefore, your office work will be kept intact. By that, we mean to ensure that your laptop or computer system problems are met online as fast as possible.

For this, we would require online support. We can give you advice on how to generate code for the remote access. Then, our IT experts will work on your systems from their desks.

Within minutes, without you having to check the computer system yourself, we will let you know the problem. Then we even guide you with the perfect solution for the same. All those solutions mentioned above are done with simple remote access. This saves unnecessary costs and time to carry out the required computer AMC services in Gurgaon.

We get all the upgrades done on time

Be it any system’s update or the software update; our team will get it done for you. They regularly follow-up with the software or the system that you use. You can request them on the scheduled call to get the update done. That is possible when you are not able to complete it yourself.

It might so be that you are not sure how a specific update takes place. Then, we being the most trustable computer AMC services provider in Gurgaon, know what your refurbished computer or laptop might need.

For this, connect on the call with our backend team or IT experts. They conduct various computer AMC services daily. They would know within a few minutes what is causing problems for the updates that you want to be done with.

Get the right ERP and CRM solution

The best perks of the computer AMC services in Gurgaon for any business owner are the CRM and ERP solutions. Through our expert team, you can work efficiently on the ERP and CRM software.

You won’t have to spend a lot of hours online doing the research. Our research and AMC service team knows the best way to handle any common troubleshoot related to business CRM and ERPs.

Moreover, these services are free of cost, as we mentioned earlier. So, you can always trust
Laptopex for being the most reliable AMC provider company in Gurgaon.